Rodelbahn Petersberg (2015)

Petersberg near Halle (Saale) is a thoroughly strange place. Beside the toboggan run Rodelbahn Petersberg you can find here a high ropes course, the zoo Petersberg and a huge fairground, which is also the reason for the many parking lots around it. At the time of the visit all hell was breaking loose in Petersberg, so it was not easy to get to one of the parking lots, especially as the local visitors are not necessarily the best drivers. During the Krammarkt, three Euros were charged for parking, a proud price, after all I wasn’t particularly interested in the goods advertised here, and apart from the noodle dealer from the Hamburg fish market, there wasn’t much that should have kept you at the stands.

The Rodelbahn Petersberg is located directly on the path on the other side of the road. After you have paid for the ride, you can start immediately. Through a dense forest with partly interesting footbridge constructions along the way you climb up the lift.

At the top, you leave it in a small right-hand bend, whereupon you immediately increase your speed. After a further right turn and a change of direction, you instantly make a downward helix to the right. Shortly afterwards you race over a small gradient, whereupon only two left and right turns alternate. After that, the more than respectable, even if quite short, ride ends.


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