A short visit to Bakken

A short visit to Bakken

The next day after our visit to Tivoli Gardens, Michael and I headed towards Klampenborg to visit the oldest amusement park in the world: Bakken. It was just a short visit, as Michael just had a few rides on his bucket list and was not particulary keen of a visit to this park when he could have spend the morning with his new love Vertigo in the centre of Copenhagen. Nevertheless, both of us got a Turband for unlimited rides.


Since the crowd was manageable, we could do everything without queueing, so that I could manage a lot of re-rides on some of my favorites, as well as give some attractions a second try. Although I have sworn never to ride Tornado again, I ended up joining the queue in order to give Michael a favor. At the end, we didn’t spun that much, so that the insanely wild ride was still manageable. It was basically just fine, even though I still find the layout with all its steep curves a bit too borderline. Yet, if you are prepared for them, it is just fine or if you are Nicolas Mayer (caruso at onride.de) and you like this kind of stuff.

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Closing Words

After a few rides on the other roller coasters of the park, especially on the old mighty Rutschebanen – which just ran great –, and a visit to the great Hurlumhej fun house, we headed for something to drink. As the prices at Bakken are overall a bit lower than in Copenhagen, you can have some good old Tuborg Classic for a reasonable price. Also if you want something to eat, Bakken is your place to be. On our way back, we stopped in one of the restaurants, where we had a great meal before heading back to Copenhagen in order to catch the coach back to Hamburg. It was a very nice weekend, although I don’t recommend in using the bus, when it doesn’t head for the ferry. It was a six hour long trip to hell and back.


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