A visit to Botton’s Pleasure Beach

The small amusement park Botton’s Pleasure Beach directly on the beach of Skegness offers a small selection of selected rides as well as the typical English mixture of amusement arcades, fast food and midway games.  

In addition to the typical English flat rides, the Pleasure Beach impresses with its two swings, Pirate and Freak Out, as well as four roller coasters. The smallest of these are called Big Apple and Runaway Train.

Big Apple and Runaway Train

The Big Apple family roller coaster has been in the park since 1987 and is a classic Big Apple from the Pinfari company, who designed the Italian long-running coaster in the 1970s with a pretty apple. The ride with its waves in the upper section and the rapid descent is still fun today, although adults are reluctant to squeeze into the cars.

The ride on the Runaway Train, on the other hand, is not quite as exciting. The ride, built by Meridian Ltd, was designed around its only ride element. After the ascent, the train makes a circuit of the station before the helical descent follows. As on the Big Apple, you pass through the layout several times.

Rockin Roller

The Rockin Roller is located on the roof of the Riverboat Arcade. The layout of the small spinning coaster from Fabbri offers a number of tight curves that send the cars into a leisurely spin. In between, the whole thing is loosened up a bit by smaller drops. The ultra-compact ride fits perfectly on the available floor space and is a flagship of the amusement park due to its exposed layout.

Queen Bee

The Queen Bee family roller coaster is also located on the roof of an arcade. The ride on the small suspended coaster is very similar to that of a Big Apple, except that there is no track crossing and instead of the small waves, there is a dip to the side. The ride, built by Pinfari, is a curiosity in itself and that alone makes it worth visiting Botton’s Pleasure Beach.

Pictures Botton’s Pleasure Beach


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