Theme Park:Bakken (since 1583)
Address:Dyrehavevej 62
2930 Klampenborg
Operated by:Various showmen

Polyp • Schwarzkopf Monster • BakkenBakken in Klampenborg, near the Danish capital Copenhagen, is an amusement park run by several showmen. The park was founded in 1583 and is therefore considered the oldest amusement park in the world. In Bakken, visitors can find a variety of restaurants, gambling houses and rides, which create a very diverse and colourful atmosphere. The choice of rides is very family-friendly.

Fun Fact #1: The Rutschebanen roller coaster has been state-owned and operated by the City of Copenhagen since 1952.

Fun Fact #2: The roller coaster Tornado is one of the most intense roller coasters in Europe. Since there is a height restriction in Bakken and the potential energy would not have been enough to guide the cars until the end of the ride, they built a very interesting lift which accelerates the cars to 40 km/h after the top.


Highlights of the Tivoli




The tilting fun house



Mine Train Ulven

A fun family coaster




The Scenic Railway with the modern controls



Sky Roller

A daring flight




A great ghost train



Taarn Gyset

The Double Shot




The insane Spinning Coaster




A very wet log flume



Vilde Mus

A modern Wild Mouse



Past Highlight of the Tivoli




The speedy family classic


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