Copenhagen (2015)

A good friend once told me that Copenhagen was strange after he had spent a short holiday in the city; a thesis that I hadn’t really questioned, because no visit was supposed to happen that quickly. In fact, the city already showed itself to be extremely fond of bicycles at the first sighting, because I had never seen so many bikes in one pile before. They are even parked on two levels and that actually everywhere where there is still some space.

After having spent the day before only near the main station, i.e. in the Tivoli and in the hotel, I went on a three-hour city tour in the morning. The late afternoon, however, was reserved for a short trip to Klampenborg to visit the world’s oldest theme park.

Copenhagen is a really stylish city, but there are many construction sites due to the new underground line. The pictures were taken on the way from the town hall over Christiansborg Castle, the beautiful Nyhavn to Amalienborg Castle. From there it is only 15 minutes to the Little Mermaid. With only 22°C, but felt 35° not at all unexhausting.


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