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Theme Park:Plopsaland De Panne (since 2005)
Plopsaland (2000 - 2005)
Meli Park (1936 - 1999)
Address:De Pannelaan 68
8660 De Panne
Operated by:Studio 100

Plopsaland De Panne located in Adinkerke De Panne next to the Belgian coast is one of the biggest theme parks in Belgium. The park was founded in 1931 by the Belgian honey manufacturer Meli and is currently being operated by the amusement division Plopsa of the Belgian TV corporation Studio 100. The park features a large number of family friendly rides and some great and exiting roller coasters.

Fun Fact #1: Apart from the theme park, the resort is currently offering a water park, a theatre and a hotel.

Fun Fact #2: Some sections of the park can be visited, while the theme park itself is closed. The indoor section Mayaland Indoor is open all year round.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Anubis – the Ride

A very yummy launch coaster



De Draak

A modern powered coaster



De Grote Golf

The beautiful Disk’o Coaster



Dino Splash

The log flume now features dinosaurs



Heidi – the Ride

A compact wooden coaster by GCI



Het Bos van Plop

An entertaining dark ride



K3 Roller Skater

This coaster even lets an adult feel small



Ride to Happiness

Europe’s most insane spinning coaster



Super Splash

The SuperSplash with the vertical lift



Past Highlight of the Theme Park



De Vleermuis

A suspended racing coaster


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