A day in the Amusement Park of Slagharen

Attractiepark Slagharen

Attractiepark Slagharen is located in the town of Slagharen right next to the border between Germany and the Netherlands. The Bemboom family owns the recreational and holiday park. It started as a Ponypark in 1963. In contrast to later projects of the family, the Dreamland is located in Margate, Great Britain, Londoun Castle in Galston, Scotland and the Freizeitpark Kirchhorst not far from the city of Hanover the Attractiepark Slagharen is still in operation today and offers more than one million visitors a special park experience every year.

In addition to the dominating Western theme you will find many things you can not find in any other amusement park these days. Ride connoisseurs will find their nostalgic heart beat faster. New rides are indeed quite rare, except for a free fall tower of the company Fabbri. Overall the rides in this park can be simply described as ingenious.


It is not surprising that you suddenly stand in front of one of the last Enterprise by the German manufacturer Schwarzkopf, where you have to open the roof of the cars for entry and exit, whereas Huss simply moves a grid on the side of the car. The biggest difference between the two enterprise manufacturers are the power of the machine at the start and the different seating position. Both versions promise a great ride, which today can amuse up to four decades after the advent of this type of ride.


In addition to the beautiful Monster Octopus, which unfortunately only completed test drives on the day of the visit, you will also find a converted Apollo by Schwarzkopf in the park. Instead of a Ferris wheel kind of spinning ride, you will find yourself in probably the most ingenious chair swing of all time. Since almost everything is allowed here, the driving pleasure is simply unlimited and the rapid pace of the system takes its toll.


Also a rarity is the Traumboot by the Bremen based company Weber. This is an looping ship style ride, where the boat – unlike a HUSS Ranger – is build without any curvature. The ride is great, but the lap bar is rather painful.

Ripsaw Falls and Mine Train

Right next to the Reverchon log flume Ripsaw Falls with mediocre moisture level you will find the Vekoma family roller coaster Mine Train. The layout promises a lot, at least for the little ones, and can certainly keep this up. The brakes are a little bit to hard, so you better hold tight.

Ocean of Darkness

In the Ocean of Darkness dark ride enthusiasts take a journey to the depths of the sea in a diving bell, where not only Neptune is waiting for you. Although the ride can easily be classified as trashy, it is still something very special and absolutely ride worthy. Sitting in a diving bell with a strongly limited view at the beautiful scenes is just amazing.


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