Small Changes, Big Improvements

Walibi Holland

Two years ago Walibi World underwent a makeover and since then Walibi Holland embodies the leitmotif of music with his two fictional bands The Skunx and Wab. A lot has changed, which makes the already very sympathetic park even more interesting. The Compagnie des Alpes has invested a lot, as well as in the other three Walibi branded parks under their management.

El Condor

Representing this development the best in Walibi Holland do the roller coasters Xpress and El Condor, which have been upgraded since my last visit. While the launch coaster got a new painting and the addition of some lightning effects and music during the launch sequence, El Condor got a complete adjustment of the track.

In both cases, the result speaks for itself. In case of the Suspended Looping Coaster Prototype it is quite surprising. El Condor was notorious for its jerking and some existing blows – which could even been noticed on pieces of straight track. After the retracking, even the biggest mimosas should be able to ride it all over again. The pace of the ride is now higher and the ride became incredible funny.


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