Bocksbergbob (2013)

As the Bocksbergbob was unfortunately closed during the last visit to the Bocksberg, the Alpine Coaster in the village of Hahnenklee was once again approached in order to enjoy the pleasure of a ride. Learning from the mistakes of the last visit, we did not only go up the mountain much earlier but also via cable car, which gave some interesting insights onto the Wiegand ride.

Although the ride through the serpentines, jumps and zigzag bends can be described as fast in the beginning, one notices unfortunately very quickly that the top speed is always throttled compared to other installations of the same manufacturer by the use of eddy current brakes along the track. The fun of riding suffers a lot from this circumstance, so that the system hardly remains in your memory. Despite the extreme high level of safety, gravity brakes on the sleds are still the better choice.

However, if you can do without the highest possible speed and can’t do anything with pronounced forces or would use the brake lever even on this layout, the Bocksbergbob offers a good ride. Together with the other attractions that have been built on the mountain or the diving towers that are currently being erected, the Bocksberg offers quite enough possibilities for a day trip to the Harz mountains, at best in connection with the beautiful city of Goslar.


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