On the road with the Loopinggrufti


One day I received an e-mail from Michael Singer – better known as Loopinggrufti in the amusement park scene – with reference to the Vertigo carousel, which makes its rounds at Tivoli Gardens. Since he was already standing in front of the ride a few years ago, it was very important for him to finally get into the ride. We talked and after some time it came like it had to come and we drove together to Copenhagen.

We have booked the Tivoli All-Inclusive Package of the Tivoli Hotel. Even if the name suggests it, the hotel is not located at the park, but some streets away from the park. We travelled with the Flixbus from Hamburg, which (if the route goes over the ferry connection Puttgarten – Rødby) is a quite inexpensive and pleasant connection. But we went back over the Storebælt bridge, which made the trip more like a torture without a break. Arriving at the hotel we immediately went to the amusement park.

Tivoli Gardens

In no time at all, the object of desire was selected. A short time later Michael was completely enthusiastic. Although the Tivoli has meanwhile abandoned the backward ride program on its crazy propeller, the ride was still able to convince with its versatile ride. Over the course of the day, more laps followed. At the end of the day we even snuck into the queue, which was noticed. Shortly afterwards the queue was opened again, so that we were able to legally wait in line.


Directly next door the roller coaster Kamelen was built this year on the place of the roller coaster Karavanen. Thus Kamelen is already the second iteration of the roller coaster Mariehønen here in the park, which shaped this roller coaster type from Zierer in 1974. The model is no longer called Tivoli Coaster, but the layout passed the test of the time with flying colours.

Fata Morgana

Something you might not have been able to say about the HUSS Condor, as over time many rides of this classic 80s ride have disappeared from the scene. But suddenly in 2014 a new model appeared in a Chinese amusement park. A few years later, the Tivoli also decided to follow up with Fata Morgana. This makes the ride the first of its kind in Europe. In addition to the classic gondola design, the model also has two rigid gondola rings – very similar to the Intamin Spinning Star at Cosmo’s World Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur – with an outward-facing driving style. These gondolas were then equipped with a new lifting technology this year, which initates an additional rocking movement.

The ride is simply terrific. The view of the city of Copenhagen is ingenious and the rocking of the gondola makes the ride a successful mixture of thrill and relaxation. However, the praise refers only to this version of the ride, as the other version lags behind the original. The ride is rather jerky and you bang permanently into the upper and lower stop of the now mechanically (instead of hydraulically) controlled swing track. This is a pity, because otherwise a second generation HUSS Condor with the mixed gondolas would definitely be a recommendation for many other amusement parks, but this only leaves the advice to chose the more “thrill-heavy” gondola type.

Tik Tak

I wonder if we can say the same thing about the Mondial Shake Tik Tak. This rides replaced the old, but very stylish, HUSS Break Dance Snurretoppen this year. While the old ride was quite open, the shake got a roof, with a huge clockwork, which is a nice eye-catcher. The gondolas are quite detailed and represent small time machines. The ride itself is fast, although without many rollovers.

VR on Dæmonen

Another novelty for me was the VR movie on the B&M roller coaster Dæmonen. The film is exclusively made for Tivoli and shows in a very artistic way the fight of a Chinese dragon with a demon. The whole thing peaks in a fireworks display, whereupon you find yourself at a Chinese New Year celebration. Unfortunately, Dæmonen is a very intense roller coaster, which makes the headset press quite hard on you. Otherwise, Dæmonen in the VR version is definitely worth an experience, especially as the graphics of the film are of high quality and don’t resemble a 20-year-old computer game. The experience is definitely a recommendation, even if it can be uncomfortable.

Pictures Tivoli Gardens

Closing Words

In general, a visit to the Tivoli is always a recommendation. On 06.12.2019 the new roller coaster Mælkevejen will open. This replaces the roller coaster Odinexpressen, which entertained the visitors in Tivoli Gardens for 33 years. However, nothing was to be seen at our visit yet, but the pictures on Rcdb promise an as funny ride as the old Powered Coaster did before.


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A short visit to Bakken

A short visit to Bakken

The next day after our visit to Tivoli Gardens, Michael and I headed towards Klampenborg to visit the oldest amusement park in the world: Bakken. It was just a short visit, as Michael just had a few rides on his bucket list and was not particulary keen of a visit to this park when he could have spend the morning with his new love Vertigo in the centre of Copenhagen. Nevertheless, both of us got a Turband for unlimited rides.


Since the crowd was manageable, we could do everything without queueing, so that I could manage a lot of re-rides on some of my favorites, as well as give some attractions a second try. Although I have sworn never to ride Tornado again, I ended up joining the queue in order to give Michael a favor. At the end, we didn’t spun that much, so that the insanely wild ride was still manageable. It was basically just fine, even though I still find the layout with all its steep curves a bit too borderline. Yet, if you are prepared for them, it is just fine or if you are Nicolas Mayer (caruso at onride.de) and you like this kind of stuff.

Pictures Bakken

Closing Words

After a few rides on the other roller coasters of the park, especially on the old mighty Rutschebanen – which just ran great –, and a visit to the great Hurlumhej fun house, we headed for something to drink. As the prices at Bakken are overall a bit lower than in Copenhagen, you can have some good old Tuborg Classic for a reasonable price. Also if you want something to eat, Bakken is your place to be. On our way back, we stopped in one of the restaurants, where we had a great meal before heading back to Copenhagen in order to catch the coach back to Hamburg. It was a very nice weekend, although I don’t recommend in using the bus, when it doesn’t head for the ferry. It was a six hour long trip to hell and back.


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Copenhagen (2015)

A good friend once told me that Copenhagen was strange after he had spent a short holiday in the city; a thesis that I hadn’t really questioned, because no visit was supposed to happen that quickly. In fact, the city already showed itself to be extremely fond of bicycles at the first sighting, because I had never seen so many bikes in one pile before. They are even parked on two levels and that actually everywhere where there is still some space.

After having spent the day before only near the main station, i.e. in the Tivoli and in the hotel, I went on a three-hour city tour in the morning. The late afternoon, however, was reserved for a short trip to Klampenborg to visit the world’s oldest theme park.

Copenhagen is a really stylish city, but there are many construction sites due to the new underground line. The pictures were taken on the way from the town hall over Christiansborg Castle, the beautiful Nyhavn to Amalienborg Castle. From there it is only 15 minutes to the Little Mermaid. With only 22°C, but felt 35° not at all unexhausting.


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