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Theme Park:Leolandia (since 2014)
Minitalia Leolandia (2007 - 2013)
Fantasy World Minitalia (1994 - 2006)
Minitalia (1971 - 1994)
Address:Via Vittorio Veneto 52
24042 Capriate San Gervasio
Operated by:Fam. Zamperla

Mine Train • Zamperla Powered Coaster • LeolandiaLeolandia near Milan is a pleasant family amusement park, which is run by the Zamperla family. Originally, the park started as miniature park Minitalia in 1971. In 1997, the families Triberti and Fabbri turned it into an amusement park. Since 2007, however, the Zamperla family has been running the park and with them the expansion to a theme park took place, whereby mainly rides from their own construction are presented in the park.

Fun Fact #1: The Leolandia was the first theme park of the Zamperla family. Meanwhile they run, among others, the Luna Park and the Steeplechase Park on Coney Island, New York or Luneur in Rome.

Fun Fact #2: The large scale miniature land of the park has the shape of the Italy.


Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park



Donna Cannone

A fun tower



Gold River

The log flume with the very steep drops



Mine Train

The Powered Coaster above the log flume




The centrepiece of the theme park



Rapide di Leonardo

White-water rafting with a spin guarantee



Twister Mountain

A Spinning Coaster


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