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Theme Park:Hansa Park (since 1987)
Hansaland (1977 - 1986)
Legoland Sierksdorf (1973 - 1976)
Address:Am Fahrenkrog
23730 Sierksdorf
Operated by:Fam. Leicht

Hansa Park in Sierksdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, is Germany’s only theme park by the sea. The family run amusement park at the Baltic Sea offers a large number of family-friendly rides and breathtaking roller coasters. With the Schwur des Kärnan at the latest, it established itself as one of the most innovative amusement parks in Europe.

But those who think that the rides are all too wild will still get their money’s worth in Hansa Park. Apart from a really beautiful park landscape, the amusement park convinces above all with its extremely inexpensive gastronomy, whose price-performance ratio can hardly be beaten.

Fun Fact #1: The park originally opened as the first Legoland outside Billund. After only a few years the park was sold and renamed Hansa-Land.

Fun Fact #2: For the 2017 season the backward fall on the roller coaster Kärnan has been significantly intensified. For this purpose the retractable brake swords were removed in the upper part of the braking track, so that it was now shortened and you can stop directly in the lower holding brake. So you not only fall faster and further, but also brake shorter and harder.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Crazy Mine

A wild family ride



Der kleine Zar

The small family coaster



Fluch von Novgorod

The launch coaster with the aria




A very tall drop tower




A true classic



Royal Scotsman

The family coaster through the loop


Schlange von Midgard • Gerstlauer Family Coaster


Schlange von Midgard

The story-based family coaster



Schwur des Kärnan

The roller coaster with the 90° freefall lift



Störtebekers Kaperfahrt

A wild slide



Super Splash

The park’s super wet log flume


Wellenreiter • HUSS Troika • Hansa Park



Hit the wall!



Wildwasserfahrt – Der Wasserwolf am Ilmensee

An old-style log flume



Past Highlights of the Theme Park



El Paso Express

Bad jokes and a fun ride



Fliegender Hai

A fantastic ride



Spanische Glocke

A unique pendulum ride



Torre del Mar

The star flyer with the great view


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