Legoland Billund

Theme Park:Legoland Billund (since 1968)
Address:Nordmarksvej 9
7190 Billund
Operated by:Merlin Entertainments Group

Legoland BillundLegoland Billund in Billund is one of the most famous amusement parks in Europe. Like every Legoland, the park managed by Merlin Entertainments Group is characterised by its numerous replicas of national and international buildings in Miniland. In addition, the park offers an exquisite number of roller coasters and other rides, all of which have been brilliantly staged by means of clip-on bricks. Like every children’s room, however, Legoland is a bit chaotic – you stumble straight from theme area to theme area and thus from attraction to attraction.

Fun Fact #1: Legoland Billund is the first Legoland in the world. Since 1968 the park has been entertaining its visitors. 

Fun Fact #2: The Merlin Entertainments Group is largely owned by the founding family of the Lego company, so it’s no wonder that more and more Legoland theme parks are being created all over the world.


Highlights of the Theme Park




The powered coaster with the dark ride section



Ice Pilots School

The Kuka Robot attraction



Lego Canoe

A very scenic log flume




A scenic boat trip




The Original




An awesome dark ride



Vikings River Splash

The rapid river with the drop



X-treme Racers

The Wild Mouse with the Noise Barrier



Past Highlights of the Theme Park



Mine Train

A great dark ride



Timber Ride

A small family coaster


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