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Theme Park:Greenland (since 2017)
Mitsui Greenland (1964 - 2016)
Part of the Resorts Greenland Resort
Kumamoto 864-0033
Operated by:Greenland Resort Co., Ltd.

Atomic • Senyo Kogyo Shuttle Loop • GreenlandGreenland (グリーンランド) in Arao near Kumamoto is Japan’s biggest amusement park. The park is part of the Greenland holiday resort, which was founded in 1964 by the Mitsui Mining company. In addition to the eponymous theme park, the resort consists of two hotels, three golf courses, a bowling centre, a pachinko hall, several restaurants and the obligatory onsen.

The park offers a wide and very divers range of roller coasters and attractions. Above all, you can experience an outstanding collection of rides by the manufacturer Togo, including the superb Ultra Twister Megaton.

If you want to experience the park for yourself, the easiest and fastest way to reach the amusement park is by train to JR Omuta Station. From there, a shuttle bus takes you directly to the theme park.

Ferris Wheel Rainbow • GreenlandFun Fact #1: All Games at the Game Stalls are included in the Free Pass wristband.

Fun Fact #2: The roller coaster Gao started its life as a looping roller coaster, before being transformed into a large Jet Coaster. 

Fun Fact #3: If you get 10 rides on the Ultra Twister roller coaster, you can immortalise yourself on a small wooden stick, which will then be hung up in the queue of the ride. 


Highlights of the Tivoli



Ferris Wheel Rainbow

A truly giant Ferris wheel




A very long jet coaster



Grampus Jet

A great suspended coaster



Gyro Storm

A very interesting looping ride



Milky Way

A terrific combination




A good SLC



Spin Mouse

The mouse with the spin guarantee




A very wet boat ride



Ultra Twister Megaton

One of the best roller coasters


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