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Theme Park:Six Flags Over Texas (since 1961)
Address:2201 Road to Six Flags
76010 Arlington
Operated by:Six Flags

Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas is one of the biggest amusement parks in the US. Founded in 1961, the amusement park is the starting point for the largest amusement park chain in the world: Six Flags. But the amusement park is not only historically significant from an economic point of view. Over the years, Six Flags Over Texas has shaped several types of amusement rides and roller coasters. For example, the log flume and the Mine Train are inventions from Six Flags.

The park itself offers a variety of family-friendly rides and roller coasters. The park also offers plenty of street entertainment and a variety of shows in the park’s own theatres and the huge amphitheatre.

Fun Fact #1: The El Aserradero is the world’s first log flume. Due to its popularity it was extended by a second track a few years after its premiere.

Fun Fact #2: In order to prevent the arms of the New Texas Giant roller coaster from extending out as far as possible due to the narrow clearance profile, the train built by Gerstlauer has Plexiglas panes on the sides.

Fun Fact #3: The theme park can be played in the computer game Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 as a scenario.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Batman: The Ride

When the blood rushes to the legs



El Aserradero

The first log flume



Judge Roy Scream

The wooden roller coaster at the edge of the park



La Vibora

The black-red-gold bobsleigh track



Mini Mine Train

So that the children also have a great roller coaster



Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast

Reverse launch on a Shuttle Coaster



New Texas Giant

The first RMC



Oil Derrick

The large observation tower




A Spinning Coaster on the Midway



Runaway Mine Train

The first Mine Train



Runaway Mountain

Indoor roller coaster



Shock Wave

It’s a Schwarzkopf, it’s good



Superman Tower of Power

The Tower with Power



The Joker

One hell of a (marble) track




Pressure, curves and a great pacing


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