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Theme Park:Kings Island (since 1972)
Address:6300 Kings Island Dr.
45040 Mason
Operated by:Cedar Fair

Kings Island in Mason, Ohio is one of the largest amusement parks in the US. Founded in 1972 by Taft Broadcasting, the amusement park was the starting point for some of the most influential theme parks in the world, which later became the Paramount theme parks. Nowadays, the park is part of the Cedar Fair group. The amusement park is not only historically significant from an economic point of view. Kings Island led to a renaissance of the roller coaster with the wooden coaster The Racer and paved the way for modern day launch coaster with Flight of Fear.

The park itself offers a large variety of family-friendly rides and roller coasters. The park also offers plenty of street entertainment and a variety of shows in the park’s own theatres and the huge amphitheatre.

Fun Fact #1: The original Suspended Coaster The Bat was only short lived. Its station and foundations was reused for the looping coaster Vortex.

Fun Fact #2: The wooden coaster The Beast was built completely inhouse. Up to now, it is still the world’s longest wooden roller coaster.

Fun Fact #3: The park’s huge Eiffel Tower was originally planned for Cincinnati’s Coney Island amusement park.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Adventure Express

A mine train adventure awaits you



Backlot Stunt Coaster

Special Effects on a roller coaster




The largest Inverted Coaster




Airtime Galore



Drop Tower

Gyro Drops are awesome



Flight of Fear

Indoor Launch Coaster




Face to Face and upside down



Mystic Timbers

GCI at its best



Race for your Life Charlie Brown

Oldschool Log Flume



The Bat

Kings Island loves Suspended Coaster



The Beast

The legendary wooden coaster



The Racer

The first of an era



Past Highlights of the Theme Park




Giant Looping Coaster


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