Overnight stay in Padua with stopover in Venice

Originally, our tour planning included a visit to the Ferrin family’s self-made amusement park near Nervesa della Battaglia, not far from the city of Treviso. However, contrary to the information we obtained and therefore contrary to their own statements, the Osteria Ai Pioppi, to which the park belongs, did not want to start the season until the next day. Although we were able to stay longer at Movieland Park, our hotel near Padua was now far away from any direct route to our destinations on the next day.

We stayed the night in Padua at Casa Valentini Terrani, a kind of youth hostel with single rooms within walking distance of the city’s main train station. Unfortunately, the room was very sterile and simple. Also the bathroom, where the shower only had a shower curtain, so the bathroom was inevitably flooded. The air conditioning could only be controlled centrally by the reception, so the room was a little too warm. The breakfast was very simple and the coffee machine was far too loud, so that we left the hostel quickly. The price/performance ratio was rather bad than right compared to the cheaper chains (Ibis, B&B), which made Casa Valentini Terrani the biggest disappointment among our selected hotels.

After we checked in we walked to the train station and bought return tickets to Venice Santa Lucia. The vending machines of Trenitalia are exemplary and even warn you about pickpockets in a rather long monologue. Arriving in Venice we had about 45 minutes time to explore the city a little bit and even this was enough to get completely excited, although you could not get to any or rather only very few of the main attractions of this very worth seeing city within the short time.

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