Seeing Dolphins high above Benidorm

Animal Park:Mundomar (since 1996)
Address:Sierra Helada
03503 Benidorm
Operated by:Aqualandia-Mundomar

Mundomar is an animal park of the Spanish theme park group Aqualandia-Mundomar. The marine animal park is famous for its great dolphin show.


Just above the Aqualandia water park is the Mundomar animal park. Together, the parks are the main flagship of the Aqualandia-Mundomar Group, which also includes the Terra Mítica theme park.

The zoo extends over several levels, whereby the large pool for the dolphin show is interestingly located at the highest point of the park, which certainly not only gives us as visitors a great view over the city of Benidorm, but also allows the local dolphins interesting insights.

Entering the park, one immediately encounters several species of parrots. Following the path we pass a larger enclosure with flamingos, pools for sea lions and otters, and an enclosure with giant tortoises. Passing the sea lion arena, the path leads us further up, passing lemurs, coatis and marmosets.

On the middle level of the park is the large restaurant, as well as the entrance to the parrot show The Journey of our Lifetime. Interestingly, this takes place in an enclosed theater, which on the one hand allows for more effects, but on the other dulls the immersion a bit. Personally, I would much rather see birds flying outside than in a small, dark theater.

Passing squirrel monkeys, a large free flight aviary and a penguin enclosure, the way now leads us to the dolphin arena, where we watch the show Emotions with the best view. This is, without exaggerating, probably the most spectacular dolphin show worldwide. Here the visitor is offered a lot and the edutainment aspect moves into a subordinate role.

Pictures Mundomar

Conclusion Mundomar

The Mundomar zoo convinces with its thoroughly immersive design, which unfortunately only slightly distracts from the rather small offer. The enclosures are all seen in just a few minutes, the majority of the visit is spent with the animal shows. Whether this is worth the not exactly small entrance fee, everyone must decide in the end for itself; likewise whether one would like to support such shows. In combination with a visit to the Aqualandia water park, however, the result is a very rounded overall experience.


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Australia Zoo

Animal Park:Australia Zoo (since 1992)
Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park
(1982 - 1991)
Beerwah Reptile Park (1970 - 1981)
Address:1638 Steve Irwin Way
Beerwah QLD 4519
Operated by:Fam. Irwin

Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland is one of the largest animal parks in the Australia. The park was founded by the Irwin Family in 1970. It gained massive popularity with Steve Irwin and his Crocodile Hunter TV show.


Highlights of the Animal Park


Animals / Tiere



A truely immersive area


Animals / Tiere


Crocodile Environmental Park

Home of many crocodiles


Animals / Tiere



A touch of Asia


Sea World

Theme Park:Sea World (since 1971)
Address:Seaworld Dr.
Main Beach QLD 4217
Operated by:Village Roadshow

Spongebob's Boating School Blast • Zamperla Family Gravity CoasterSea World is one of the Village Roadshow theme parks located on the Gold Coast. Opened in 1971, the sea mammal park hosts a very solid selection of roller coasters, shows and animal encounters.


Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park


Dolphins / Delfine


Affinity Dolphin

The park’s signature show


Jet Coaster • Intamin Family Launch Coaster


Jet Rescue

A very dynamic roller coaster ride


Storm Coaster • Mack Rides Water Coaster


Storm Coaster

The awesome water coaster