Terra Mítica

Theme Park:Terra Mítica (since 2000)
Address:Partida de Moralet
03502 Benidorm
Operated by:Aqualandia Mundomar
Special feature:Splitting into the two leisure parks
"Terra Mítica" and "Iberia Park"
between 2013 - 2017

La Colera de Akiles • Mondial Super Nova • Terra MiticaTerra Mítica is one of the largest theme parks in Spain. Like the amusement parks Parque Warner near Madrid and Port Aventura near Barcelona, the park was built during the theme park boom of the 1990s. Already after the first season, the majority of the shares were sold to the US-American Paramount Group. Terra Mitica has since then operated as a Paramount Park with the addition “a Paramount Park”. In 2004 Paramount sold its shares to the Valencia region. This was followed in 2012 by the sale to the Benidorm-based Aqualandia-Mundomar Group. 

The amusement park overlooking the city of Benidorm offers a successful mix of breathtaking rides and shows worth seeing. The park also impresses with its successful design.

Magnus Colossus • RCCA Wooden Coaster • Terra Mítica

Fun Fact #1: The park has an artificial watercourse that creates several pools for visitors. On several levels, visitors can refresh themselves and let off steam in these pools. In addition, there is a larger spa area in the Iberian themed area.

Fun Fact #2: Under the name Tizona, the Titanide roller coaster used to be located in the Iberian themed area on the other side of the park before it was downsized.


Highlights of the Theme Park




A fun family coaster



Cataratas del Nilo

An interesting log flume



El Labirinto del Minotauro

One of Europe’s best dark rides



El Vuelo del Fenix

The Giant Drop




A very wild coaster



La Colera de Akiles

The swinging ride



La Furia de Triton

A very wet flume ride



Magnus Colossus

The wooden coaster high above Benidorm



Rapidos de Argos

A beautiful river rapids




A fun ride




A great SLC


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