The Spanish and the Danish

Tivoli World

Not far from the Spanish Costa del Sol in the village of Arrayo de la Miel, situated on a mountain slope, is the amusement park Tivoli World. After paying the entrance fee you can either buy the Supertivolino, the wristband of the park, or you can use single tickets, the Tivolinos.

If you are only there for a roller coaster ride it is worthwhile to buy 2 tickets per roller coaster. But as the park has a large variety of attractions, the Supertivolino is worth a lot more. Since I was travelling with several people, who all didn’t want to take advantage of the park’s portfolio, I had to stick to the roller coasters and a ride on the Techno Jump from Sartori, a kind of ride I wanted to test for a long time and which is very popular in Spain.

Super Train Tokaido

The first roller coaster you stumble across is the Powered Coaster Super Train Tokaido from a manufacturer unknown to me, but which resembled the original Blauer Enzian from Mack Rides. So instead of sitting next to each other, you sit behind each other, which could be very helpful for the experience, but unfortunately the Super Train Tokaido crawled mercilessly over the track.

Montaña Russa Infantil

Two levels higher – the park is very hilly – there is the second roller coaster, which normally only carries children. The Montaña Russa Infantil is a children’s oval, similar to a Tivoli Small, but does not inspire confidence due to its supporting structure and chaises. The ride itself is definitely fun, even if this decreases from round to round.

Montaña Russa

On the highest floor of the park you can find the park’s fully-grown roller coaster, the Montaña Russa, a ride by the manufacturer Mundial, s.r.l., which is very similar to a mixture of a Wildcat and a Jet Star. The ride is quite funny, except for the borderline steep curve at the beginning of the ride, especially because you can often feel airtime. For my 200th roller coaster at least a real unique ride, which I liked very much.

Passaje del Terror

The rest of the park’s portfolio includes several classic rides, several dark rides, a beautifully designed Fun House, a modern freefall from Moser Rides, a Top Spin from Soriani and Moser, the already mentioned Techno Jump and the Passaje del Terror, which many might already know from their English locations in London and Blackpool or some other places in Spain. The Maze itself is not included in the Supertivolino and, like the go-karts and bumper boats, must be paid extra.

Conclusion Tivoli World

Tivoli World itself is a very charming theme park and offers its guests a nice mixture of Danish and Spanish influences. Most of the rides here are older and all deserve to be tried out; an undertaking I will definitely do if I ever get close to the city of Malaga again.


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