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Theme Park:Isla Magica (since 1997)
Address:Isla de la Cartuja
Avenida de los Descubrimientos
41092 Sevilla
Operated by:Looping Group


Isla Mágica located in the city of Sevilla in Andalusia is one of the largest theme parks in Spain. Opened in 1997 on the grounds of the former World Exposition, Isla Mágica offers its guests a small selection of amusement rides and shows in a beautifully arranged landscape. It is the perfect place for everyone who enjoys good shows and great theming.


Highlights of the Theme Park




A large log flume


Isla Magica


Capitán Balas

An interactive dark ride


El Desafio


El Desafío

The Power Tower





A great Spillwater





The SLC with the Bonus-Helix



Los Rapidos del Orinoco

A beautiful river rapids



Past Highlight of the Theme Park





A large Disk’o


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