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Plopsa Indoor Coevorden

Plopsa Indoor Coevorden, built in 2010 near the German-Dutch border near Coevorden, is the second indoor theme park of the Studio 100 Group’s Plopsa leisure division. On an area of 15000 m², of which 10000 m² is indoor area, there are a number of family-friendly rides, playground equipment, a petting zoo, some catering and a larger stage; mainly designed for a younger audience.


The highlight of the park is the big family roller coaster Wickiebaan, a Force Two by Zierer, which was designed to match the new edition of the children’s series “Vicky the Viking”. The course of the track is not visible from the outside, as a large part of the roller coaster is located in a separated area of the hall, virtually a hall within a hall. However, this part is barely designed – it’s dark and there are some lights that represent a night sky.

Vuurtoren, De Woeste Zee and Anubis

All in all, the Wickiebaan is a great entry-level roller coaster for the little guests of the amusement park. Here you will certainly have to do some laps with your children. In addition to the Wickiebaan, the park impresses with its children’s free-fall tower Vuurtoren, as well as the Kontiki De Woeste Zee and the compact – although incredibly intense – Anubis rotating gondola swing.

Conclusion Plopsa Indoor Coevorden

You will certainly have a lot of fun here with smaller children, especially as the rides also offer an attractive ride cycle for adults. Nevertheless, the offer in the nicely designed hall and in the outside area is very manageable, so that everything important can be done in a very short amount of time and can be repeated quickly. After a good 30 minutes I was already on my way back towards the Belgian coast near De Panne, where a similar sized hall can be found in the main park of the group.


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