Allwetterrodelbahn Weißenfels (2013)

The trip to the Allwetterrodelbahn Weißenfels turned out to be quite adventurous, because although it is located right next to a well-developed country road, my navigation system pulled me over a gravel road ahead to Schöne Aussicht. Here you will find a garden, the aforementioned Alpine Coaster and a well equipped miniature golf course.

Due to the flat terrain, the ride unfortunately turns out to be less exciting, because although it gains more and more speed, one hardly passes any interesting elements during this time. The beginning of the ride looks visually unattractive due to the lift with only a slight inclination afterwards. A start like the Brocken Coaster in Schierke would have been more interesting, and a more compact design of the ride would not have been bad. As soon as the ride reaches the forest, the ride becomes a lot of fun, but it’s a pity that the final brake is already reached in the next moment.

Allwetterrodelbahn Weißenfels • Wiegand Alpine Coaster

The Allwetterrodelbahn Weißenfels is nice, especially as the price-performance ratio is good and there are clearly worse representatives of this type of summer toboggan run. One is visibly anxious to get the best out of the facility, so that a stopover, although only a short one, is definitely recommended.


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