Hamburger Sommerdom (2017)

Who would have ever believed to see the last Mack Rides log flume to disappear from the German fair circuit and yet it is. Since my childhood, Meyer/Steigers log flume Wildwasser dominated all fairs in Northern Germany and of course most of the other parts of Germany as well with its stunning backdrop and the great double drop finale. Let’s see where Mellors will place the Grande-Dame, maybe we will see her again in Skegness in some years.

While Wildwasser shows up for the last time, the VR dark ride Dr.Archibald Master of Time had its great premiere. Sadly, it was broken on my day of visit, but Mr.Greier did a fantastic job on the decoration of the ride. You can hardly tell, that this ride used to be the Geistertempel/Geisterhotel ghost train in its former life.


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