Weserberglandbob (2010)

After I left the Zoo Safari- und Safaripark Stukenbrock in the afternoon I went to the beautiful Weserbergland to ride the Weserberglandbob in the quiet village Bodenwerder, where the famous Baron of Münchhausen has his home.

The Weserberglandbob Alpine Coaster offers numerous serpentine curves, two tunnels, a few jumps and bridges. The ride is not bad, but not particularly exhilarating either, which is why one should definitely try one ride, whereas several should be spared. For a small stop after or before a amusement park (Rasti-Land and the above mentioned park are suitable here for example) the Wiegand built ride is completely sufficient, but also for tourists who have found their way to the beautiful Weserbergland.


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