Scharmützelbob (2012)

Close to the town of Fürstenwalde/Spree you will find the Scharmützelbob, an Alpine Coaster from Wiegand, well signposted in a wooded area. However, the Lake Scharmützel, which gives the coaster its name, is a few kilometres away.

The ride, which was built in 2010, is one of the younger representatives of its kind and features two lifts which are not installed at the beginning and the end of the ride, but which, like many Minetrain roller coasters, initiate two rapid descents. Due to the compact design of the ride another factor of complexity is brought into play, which is simply missing on the very simple track layouts of comparable rides and provides more dynamics and fun.

The Scharmützelbob is a pretty good Alpine Coaster, which is mainly due to its route and the quite fast downhill runs after the lifts. Compared to the great rides Hasenhorn Coaster and the Trapper Slider in Fort Fun Abenteuerland in Bestwig, the ride is not as exciting despite its twisted course, but it is much more impressive than most of the other ones of its kind. A ride is therefore highly recommended.


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