Hasenhorn Coaster (2012)

After a restful night, Jan and I went on the route to Todtnau to take a closer look at the local Alpine Coaster Hasenhorn Coaster. For Jan it was the first visit to the ride without walking up the fairy tale path backwards, for me it was the first visit and so I was very surprised when Jan said that what you see from below is only the last third of the ride.

With the ropeway it went slowly uphill and little by little you could get a view over the track, which looked not only very long but also quite fast from above. Luckily there was not really anything going on at the ride, stupidly there were some foreigners in front of us, who didn’t really understand how to accelerate, despite all the efforts of the responsible personnel. The request of Jan to get an extra distance was happily accepted, but unfortunately it didn’t help that much.

The first part of the track already builds up speed, the following serpentines are fortunately equipped with a good number of bumps and drops, whereby a gradient has a good cross slope. From the middle of the ride I had to brake and it went downhill at a more leisurely pace. In the last third the helices are added before it goes into the brakes.

The Hasenhorn Coaster is pretty damn good, as long as you can race down it halfway unbraked; the great start does its best for it. The used elements on the very long track make the Trapper Slider from Fort Fun Abenteuerland look comparatively old. The Hasenhorn Coaster certainly is one of the best rides of its kind.


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