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Theme Park:Parc du Bocasse (since 1967)
Address:226 Route de Clère
76690 Le Bocasse
Operated by:Fam. Chabaille

Parc du Bocasse in the small village of Le Bocasse near Rouen is a small, family-run theme park in Normandy. As is often the case in France, the amusement park has developed from a small restaurant. As early as 1967, the local gastronome Jacques Chabaille put up some playground equipment, which was then supported by some larger rides and the park’s first roller coaster in the 1980s. Nowadays it offers a very solid selection of family-friendly rides, interesting playgrounds, as well as some larger roller coasters and rides.


Highlights of the Theme Park





A surprising dark ride


Train de la Mine


Fort d’Odin

A solid family coaster





A very good log flume


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