Sommerrodelbahn Gutach (2020)

After my visit to the animal park Tatzmania Löffingen, I headed towards the Sommerrodelbahn Gutach at the edge of the village Gutach (Schwarzwaldbahn). Located in the middle of the Black Forest, this 1450m long mountain coaster provides a very solid, albeit predictable ride experience. Hereby, the ride starts off with a bunch of serpentines, which are well interrupted by some smaller jumps and waves. The course changes a bit after the first helix in the middle of the ride. From then on, the path is a bit more open and the terrain a bit less steep. After another sequence of waves, we take another helix which leads us into a tunnel and shortly thereafter back to the start of the ride.

Sommerrodelbahn Gutach • Wiegand Alpine Coaster


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