Bobbahn Donnstetten (2016)

On the way back from our Il Viaggio dei due Runner Tour from Italy to Stuttgart we stopped at the Bobbahn Donnstetten, which is located directly at the village Donnstetten. Along the ski slope, the Alpine Coaster stretches its way up, whereby the full track is not visible.

Arriving at the top of the Donnstetten bobsleigh run, it starts off quite swiftly with the crossing of a good drop. Quite surprised, you then pass through a wide left-hand bend, which releases you into two jumps, i.e. smaller hills, which, however, let you lift off your seat a bit. Still with full throttle you pass the first of seven serpentine curves, in which the speed is now gradually reduced. Shortly after that you reach the end of the track, whose dramaturgy was wrongly constructed and thus after an exciting beginning somehow offers nothing more.


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