Il Viaggio dei due Runner

The Tour

In the past years I have often thought about doing a Tutti Frutti Italia tour all over Italy and collect all its fruits, eehhhmnm I mean credits. However, most of the time it failed because of the typical student problems, little money and little time of all people involved. In the meantime, other options were more interesting, but Italy always remained somehow in the back of my mind. As I’m currently doing my main internship at Mercedes in Sindelfingen and I’ve already transported my car halfway to Italy, a tour to Bella Italia became inevitable.

Easter was an ideal time to travel, especially as some parks opened on Maundy Thursday and this day already proved to be an ideal travel day in the past. Good experiences during the last year made me ask Dominik immediately and as expected the answer was positive. Bit by bit the initial tour was modified and optimised a little bit, so that in the end the journey of the two runners (Runner and Stormrunn3r) was fixed. Although we only visited the bigger theme parks in the north of Italy, we will definitely come back. After all, we are missing all the interesting water parks anyway and Italy really is a very beautiful country, where travelling is wonderfully uncomplicated, apart from the terrible chip card fuelling stations.





Il Viaggio dei due Runner


[Day 1] Leolandia, Brianteo Hotel



[Day 2] Gardaland, La Maison du Port



[Day 3] Movieland Park, Casa Vallentini Terrani, Venedig



[Day 4] Fiabilandia, Mirabilandia, B&B Hotel Ravenna



[Day 5] Zoomarine, Cinecittà World, Hotel Antonella



[Day 6] Rainbow Magicland, Cavallino Matto, Hotel Montemezzi


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