Parc Saint Paul

Theme Park:Parc Saint Paul (since 1983)
Address:47 Rue de l'Avelon
60650 Saint-Paul
Operated by:Fam. Campion

Formule 1 • Pax Company Formula Pax • Parc Saint PaulParc Saint Paul in Saint Paul close to Paris, is a small, family-run amusement park in Hauts-de-France. Since its opening in 1983, the park offers an interesting selection of amusement rides, larger playgrounds, as well as a bunch of extraordinary roller coasters. However, the park has a safety issue. During the past 15 years, four accidents on the park’s roller coasters happened. Three of them concerned the roller coaster Formule 1 (s. picture), whereby two persons died.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Dino Splash

A great log flume ride



Château Hanté

A surprisingly good horror walkthrough



Tour Descente Extrême

A brute free-fall tower



Past Highlight of the Theme Park



Formule 1

A legendary roller coaster


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