The long way to Shima and back

The way to Parque España is actually quite easy. From Nagoya, or as in our case from Yokkaichi, you can take the private train to Shima, usually with a stopover including a track change. However, we decided to take the slow train or, in other words, the JR regional service to Toba. With the JR pass, this is of course much cheaper, but it takes almost an hour longer. Well, the early bird catches the worm, and in the course of his career, the amusement park fan has set off for many a destination much earlier than half past five in the morning in order to be at the park entrance on time for the park opening. Since there was no direct train to Toba so early in the morning, we had to change trains once in Matsusaka. In Toba itself, we had to quickly buy tickets for the Kintetsu-Shima Line, so that we reached Shima station shortly before 9 am. From here, a bus went directly up to the park.

The way back to Yokkaichi was a bit easier, because the JR from Toba station went straight through. However, we had to kill some time in Toba. The place is known for its aquarium, but otherwise it was a dead zone in the evening and out of season. The view of Ise Bay from the quay wall is also a little nicer elsewhere. Shortly before midnight, we reached the hotel again. It was a really long day, luckily we could sleep a little longer the next day.

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