On the way to Wonderland

After a very stormy night in Decatur, TX, I moved back onto Highway 287 towards Amarillo, where I would spend the next 4 ½ hours. There is only one question: is there anything better?

Most places on this highway are not. After all, you can learn that Sonic is one of the most popular fast food chains in the American South. Apart from these, the small towns usually consist only of one or two motels and at least one petrol station – that’s all. However, the highway itself is well maintained, the landscape is very green and the driving speed is consistently high. Texas is then somehow very German, just in warmer.

On the way I stopped at a Loves for refuelling. Here I realised that neither my credit card nor my debit card will help me at the pay machine as my German zip code is not used in America and other ones like 90210 did not work… So into the shop, where I have then grossly misjudged how much fits into my rented Ford Focus (and how cheap the prices for fuel in Texas actually are). Nevertheless, since they will only charge the actual amount, that was not a big deal.

After a freshly prepared sub, the highway waited. In Claude, I changed the direction towards my first stop of the day: the Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

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