Berlin (2019)

When my friend William figured out that Berlin is showing the Blue Man Group, he just wanted to have a trip to the German capital city. As a theatre fan myself, I could not say anything against a visit. Thankfully, Stage had a good offer at the time and I insteadly bought two tickets. Unfurtunately, William and I were on a budget, which is why we scheduled our visit to a weekday. We stayed in the Alper Hotel am Potsdamer Platz, a run down hotel right above a noisy night club – whereby the night club was not the problem, but the loud visitors infront of it –, which we cannot recommend, especially since there was a heat wave in Berlin and we had to try to sleep with opened windows. The show at the Bluemax Theatre on the other hand was a treat. It is a funny, very chaotic and unorthodox experience, which should not be missed when in Berlin.

The next morning, we were searching for a nice place to have a coffee and a small breakfast and found the Kranhauscafé right next to the river Spree. As we were already in the eastern part of Berlin, I showed the remains of the Spree Park to William. After a walk through the Plänterwald, whereby we surrounded the lost place theme park, we had a delightful lunch at the Klipper restaurant, which I can fully recommend.


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Stuttgart (2016)

Stuttgart might not be the most interesting city in Germany; especially not on a weekend when everything is closed, but there are some really cool places around the city, which I really enjoyed. As I lived in a shared flat in Stuttgart-Stammheim during my internship at Daimler in Sindelfingen, I had plenty of time to take the tram towards the city and explore it bit by bit. Speaking of trams, the Straßenbahnwelt Motor Museum is absolutely worthwhile! It is a very nice and informative museum featuring a large exhibition with countless trams.

Of course, I also had a look at the newly reopened Stuttgarter Fernsehturm to see the city from above, as well as given the funicular Seilbahn and the cogwheel railway Zacke a try. I just love this kind of stuff, as I love a good Musical. Back in the days, the Musical company Stella and countless other investors built a kind of entertainment resort at the outskirts of the city called SI-Centrum, where you can find two Musical Theatres. Back in the days, they were called Musical Hall 1 and 2, nowadays it is the Apollo Theater and the Palladium Theater. Here I watched Disney’s Tarzan, which I can absolutely recommend.


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