The way to Yokohama

After a day’s break, we were supposed to go back to Nagashima, but since our night’s lodging was in Yokohama, we went back to Nagoya after a hearty breakfast. Theoretically, we could have gone directly to the park with our suitcases, but since the return journey was to take place by shuttle bus to Nagoya due to the better departure times, we finally preferred to stow our luggage at the station and then take a return ticket to the park. The bus terminal is located directly at the station and has several levels, but the right departure bay is quickly found and the ticket purchase is, as always, quite unproblematic.

In the evening, after meeting Nicolas again in Nagoya, we took the Shinkansen directly to Shin-Yokohama and from there the local trains to Tsurumi Station. From there, it’s only a few metres to the Best Western. But I honestly don’t know if I would recommend this one, because the Best Western was by far the hotel with the smallest room on our Japan trip. In general, I have not had the best experiences with the Western chains in Japan. A Japanese business hotel is much more interesting and usually just as cheap, if not cheaper.

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In the rush of the Shinkansen

After a somewhat quieter night than the day before, at least it was a bit colder in the room thanks to the rain showers during the day, we left for the city of Arao at around 8 am. We took the Shinkansen to the city of Fukuoka, where we changed at Hakata station to another Shinkansen to the city of Kurume. There we changed to a regional train that took us to Omuta within an hour. Once there, we joined a larger crowd and got on the bus to Greenland. This then takes you directly to the main entrance of the park.

JR Omuta Station

In the evening, we decided to take a slightly different route back to Kitakyūshū to spend more time on the bullet train. We changed trains once at the Chikugo-Funagoya station. Shortly after eleven o’clock, we reached the hotel again and a long, hot and, above all, a day full of roller coaster rides was coming to an end.

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