A visit to the South Pier

South Pier

Since the South Pier no longer offers a roller coaster, the number of reviews about the pier has decreased a bit. At the same place there is now a classic Reverchon log flume, which is missing in the offer of the not far away Pleasure Beach. In addition to some children’s rides, you can find a Magic Dance by Sobema, a Miami, a bumper car, a Twister and a Waltzer.

Adrenaline Zone

The real highlights are in the adrenaline zone of the pier, where the tokens are not valid for the other attractions. These are a Sky Coaster, a sling shot style ride, a bungee trampoline, as well as the Gyro Loop from Moser, where it is possible to control your own ride by arresting the brake, as well as forward and backward movements.

Conclusion South Pier

I did not feel like riding any of the rides, as they all ran a quite short program. Nevertheless I was glad to walk around on the open pier this time, just to be a little surprised how small and run-down it was. After a visit to the neighbouring Sandcastle Waterpark Blackpool or the notorious Pleasure Beach Blackpool, a short walk on the South Pier is worthwhile. As the choice of rides changes from time to time, I’m sure I’ll drop by again sometime.


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The Central Pier was also visited

Home of the Big Wheel

From the outside, the Central Pier in Blackpool is clearly the most interesting of the three piers, even if it is apparently a little more quiet. Here, one finds the only big wheel in Blackpool that funnily takes the full width of the pier. A little further on, the pier becomes a little wider and classic attractions like a Helter Skelter slide, a bumper car, two Miamis, a Saltamontes, as well as one of the traditional Waltzer rides show up in all their glory.

As also the South Pier that is located in sight, the Central Pier itself is also a little more run down than it should be. The prices here cost 10p more per token than on the other pier with rides, but they seem to work better here and especially for a waltz ride, whose cars can and must be locked by a handbrake, the extra charge of 30p in total is to be borne.

But what is a little unusual is the fact that one did not have to pass through the typical amusement arcades that can be found at every pier, but could get straight to the area of the Funfair without any deviations, a thing that specially pleased the operators of the lottery stalls. The Central Pier at least has a great atmosphere and should definitely be visited on every excursion to the English seaside resort Blackpool.


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