A magical afternoon at Magic Park Verden


Not far from the city of Verden an der Aller is the Magic-Park and therefore the only place in the triangle of Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover where there was something new for me to ride. The park is a similar children’s paradise like the Rasti-Land, which is 40 km away from Hanover, but gives a much better impression, even if the number of attractions here is a bit smaller.

Magic Park Verden


Much of this park was bought second-hand and so it is not surprising that you sit in the former Seeschlange roller coaster of Hansa Park when riding the Familienachterbahn. Even if the train creeps a little over the hills, the ride within this family roller coaster with its four laps special is very entertaining. In direct comparison with the sister park in Hodenhagen this ride does a lot better.


A few meters aside the roller coaster is the log flume Wildwasserbahn of the Magic-Park, whose manufacturer is Big Country Motioneering Ltg. The track is very similar to an oval, only you have to pass some small curves before the chain lift. The first and only drop is very convincing and the degree of wetness is high.


You can feel just like in the Dutch amusement park Efteling when you follow the fairytale trail. On the edge of the path you will find a total of six elaborately designed scenes that are brought to life by numerous animatronics. The individual fairy tales are also very well presented, even if I didn’t know the fairy tale about the flower miracle until now.


Past the ship swing Schiffschaukel, which you can operate yourself, we now go to the large playground part of the amusement park, where you can find some interesting play equipment, a vintage car ride and the Drachenbahn (a small monorail) from Metallbau Emmeln. Normally, every child should be able to use up his or her remaining energy in this part of the park.

Pictures Magic Park Verden

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Closing Words

For the roller coaster fans among us it is recommended to visit the park from 15:30 p.m., because then the entrance fee is only 10€ or nothing at all if there is nobody in the cash area. Also one could serve free drinks at the right moment, as at some snack stands there was nobody to be found. As I am honest I waited of course. Unfortunately many small amusement parks seem to want to do without money.


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Weserberglandbob (2010)

After I left the Zoo Safari- und Safaripark Stukenbrock in the afternoon I went to the beautiful Weserbergland to ride the Weserberglandbob in the quiet village Bodenwerder, where the famous Baron of Münchhausen has his home.

The Weserberglandbob Alpine Coaster offers numerous serpentine curves, two tunnels, a few jumps and bridges. The ride is not bad, but not particularly exhilarating either, which is why one should definitely try one ride, whereas several should be spared. For a small stop after or before a amusement park (Rasti-Land and the above mentioned park are suitable here for example) the Wiegand built ride is completely sufficient, but also for tourists who have found their way to the beautiful Weserbergland.


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Theme Park:Rasti-Land (since 1973)
Address:Quanthofer Straße 9
31020 Salzhemmendorf
Operated by:Fam. Ratzke

Rasti-Land in Salzhemmendorf near the capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover, is a small family-run amusement park for the whole family. Since 1973, the amusement park has offered a variety of family-friendly rides and attractions on an area of 16 hectares, including some special features such as the round boat splash battle Wasserschlacht or the dark ride Abenteuerfahrt durch die Piratenstadt.

Fun Fact #1: The log flume was designed and built by the park itself – only the boats are from the water ride specialist Intamin.

Fun Fact #2: In Rasti-Land you can find the first copy of a Vekoma roller skater. The pink painted roller coaster is the beginning of a true success story. A total of 112 coasters of this type can currently be found worldwide, 26 of which alone are identical.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Abenteuerfahrt durch die Piratenstadt

A surprising dark ride




The original family coaster




The powered luge



Rafting im Reich des T-Rex

A fun rapid river




A very wet ride




The self made log flume