Rügen Park

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Small Park:Rügen Park
Address:Mühlenstraße 22b
18569 Gingst
Operated by:Fam. Lüth

Rügen Park in Gingst on Rügen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a small family-run miniature theme park. Besides numerous replicas of national and international buildings, the park offers a small selection of rides for the whole family.


Highlight of the Theme Park




A small family coaster


A visit to Germany’s most remote park

Rügen Park

Miniature Village and Heege Rides

At the edge of the village of Gingst on the island of Rügen is the Rügen Park, a miniature park of decent size, which has grown into a small leisure park through its expansion. Typical for a small park in Germany you can find half of the Heege product range here, which is not bad for classics like the Butterfly, Luna Loop or the Nautic Jets.

The showpiece area and at the same time the root of the park offers miniatures from all over the world, but also regional buildings in small format. The level of detail is quite high, but the small gimmicks on the edge are missing, which is for example the Miniatur Wunderland in the Hamburg Speicherstadt.

The park railway and Familienachterbahn

The main attraction of the park is the Chance Park Railway, with the classic C.P. Huntington train. But there is also a second train in this park. This one has a funny grimace and belongs to the Zamperla children’s roller coaster, which luckily doesn’t try to kill you right away, like the Vagones Locos from the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid do. The ride with wide open safety bars was quite adventurous, but for the children, where the safety bars were mostly closed, the ride was a lot of fun.

Pictures Rügen Park

Conclusion Rügen Park

The Rügen Park is, if you are ever on Rügen, worth a visit. It is best to visit this park in the high season of the island, because then you can be sure to do everything without annoying conversations. Both the park railway and the roller coaster don’t really run very often, so it is advisable to wait a few minutes in front of the ride rather than postpone your visit to the back of the park and thus not enjoy the ride.


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