General Information Parc Saint Paul

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Theme Park:Parc Saint Paul (since 1983)
Address:47 Rue de l'Avelon
60650 Saint-Paul
Operated by:Fam. Campion

Formule 1 • Pax Company Formula Pax • Parc Saint PaulParc Saint Paul in Saint Paul close to Paris, is a small, family-run amusement park in Hauts-de-France. Since its opening in 1983, the park offers an interesting selection of amusement rides, larger playgrounds, as well as a bunch of extraordinary roller coasters. However, the park has a safety issue. During the past 15 years, four accidents on the park’s roller coasters happened. Three of them concerned the roller coaster Formule 1 (s. picture), whereby two persons died.

General Information Parc Astérix

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Theme Park:Parc Astérix (since 1989)
Adress:Parc Astérix
60128 Plailly
Operated by:Compagnie des Alpes

Parc Astérix directly located at the A1 motorway between Paris and Lille nearby the Charles-de-Gaule airport of Paris is one of the largest theme parks in France. Along with the long forgotten theme parks Mirapolis and Zygofolis, as well as Big Bang Schtroumpf (Walygator Parc), Parc Astérix is one of the major French amusement park projects of the late 1980s. It was founded by a group of investors, including Barclays, Dumez, Accor, Compagnie générale des eaux, GMF and Union des assurances de Paris. With the fusion of the Musée Grévin-France Miniature group in 1999, Parc Astérix SA became Grévin & Cie. In 2002, the group was acquired by the Compagnie des Alpes.

The park based on the well-known comic book series Astérix by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny houses a large number of interesting roller coasters and family-friendly rides, shows and attractions. Due to its theme, the park is very immersive – especially for longtime fans of the comic books. In every corner of the park, there is something new to discover.

Fun Fact #1: There is a well-known phrase in the roller coaster community whereas Parc Astérix is either crowded or closed. It is therefore very advisable to check for opening times first.

Fun Fact #2: In addition to the typical theme park dishes and according to the theme of the park, Parc Astérix offers a wide range of wild boar dishes and other delicacies.

General Information Nigloland

Theme Park:Nigloland (since 1987)
Address:Rue de la Vallée de Landoin
10200 Dolancourt
Operated by:Fam. Gélis

Alpina Blitz • Mack Rides Mega Coaster • NiglolandNigloland in Dolancourt is a medium sized, family-run theme park in the Grand Est region of France. The park opened in 1987 by the showman Patrice und Philippe Gélis. Since then the park developed into a beautiful theme park with picturesque gardens and themed areas. It currently houses six roller coasters and a bunch of very interessting flat rides and other attractions.

Fun Fact #1: The rotation of the gondolas of the ghost train Manoir Hanté are driven by gravity only. Due to the inclination of the track to one of the sides, the gondolas rotate smoothly to always focus the big scenes of this factastic dark ride.

Fun Fact #2: There is a bar on the King of Mississippi boat tour. The relaxing ride on the big lake in the Canadian section of the park offers a nice little escape of the hustle and bustle of the park.