The FirleFranz of Bayern-Park


A lot has changed since my last visit to Bayern Park. Not only is the theme park now much more impressive with a large and beautiful entrance area, there are also three attractions that are well worth seeing. The biggest of these is of course the Voltrum freefall tower, which is over 100 metres high and is intended for the more daring. For the whole family, there is the Duell der Adler and the crazy FirleFranz family rollercoaster.

Duell der Adler

As soon as you enter the theme park, you come across the Duell der Adler. The Gerstlauer Sky Fly is a great family carousel where you can customise your own ride. By adjusting the position of the wings on the gondola, you can experience a rather calm ride or a wild ride with lots of somersaults. A counter counts these and enables a final comparison.


I like the new style at Bayern-Park, which really comes into its own on the new FirleFranz family rollercoaster. The open-ended coaster, with the train going both forwards and backwards, is an interesting feature.

The ride itself begins with a gentle friction wheel start backwards out of the station, climbing about halfway up the spiral. We accelerate forward once more, then cross the switch and enter a turn. This then takes us up a hill, which we ride a bit slowly. The big drop is followed by a Bavarian bend. Another bend leads us into the second launch area, which would serve as an additional braking zone if the switch had not been set correctly. However, we accelerate and enter a helix after a short climb. After going through the switch a second time, we travel forward through the station to the end of the spiral, which is an interesting experience, especially in the front part of the train. Now the switch is set a second time and we travel backwards a little faster through the section we have just experienced. A great feeling and my highlight of the ride.

FirleFranz is a really good family coaster with a clever layout that makes the supposedly short track seem like a much longer ride. Even though the ride forward is a bit smoother, the fast ride backwards is all the more impressive. All in all, a really great family coaster from Gerstlauer.


The large Voltrum drop tower is my favourite of the three new features. It offers a fantastic view of the area and an equally fantastic drop. The theming of the ride gives it a very special feeling, something that only Scream at Heide Park has achieved in Europe so far. It feels elaborate and not like a temporary addition like many other theme parks. In short, a really great ride.

Pictures Bayern-Park

Conclusion Bayern-Park

Bayern-Park is making really good progress. I can’t wait to see which attractions will fill the vacant areas in the park. I was also very pleased that my biggest criticism from my last visit no longer seems to apply. The staff here were very friendly, especially the nice employee who directed guests to the right ticket office in the morning. That’s great and gave me a very positive impression overall.


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A stopover in the northernmost park in Germany


Arrived in Tolk, where the Tolk-Schau amusement park is located, I immediately started looking for the Heege Butterfly roller coasters, where I found at least the first one after a relatively short time. This Butterfly, the closest to the park entrance, had an unexpectedly rough ride so that I only had one ride. Luckily there is a second Butterfly in the park, which rode quite calmly, but line cutting was the order of the day.


The family roller coaster Familienachterbahn turned out to be my hundredth roller coaster in Germany – a Zierer Force One, which fortunately has been around for some years now and is therefore blessed with the better train. Besides a Zierer Kontiki and a Zierer Dragon ride, the amusement park part of the park also features half of Heege’s product range, an dinghy slide, a weird canal ride and an electronic horse-drawn ride.


Another highlight of Tolk-Schau is a summer toboggan run, for which you first have to march to the other side of the park. Past very good looking barbecue huts, dinosaurs and other exhibits, a mini city and some animal enclosures. This is also the biggest weakness of the park, as it tries to cover all kinds of stuff that other parks have already covered much better and more qualitative.

For the luge you had to climb up the mountain to take a seat in the sledge. The track was not very fast or equipped with fast elements, nevertheless there were some people who didn’t want to release the brake and just crept along the track. Such people should not be allowed to ride on such rides.

Pictures Tolk-Schau

Closing Words

After about 1.5 hours I left the park, in which I could have easily invested another hour. The park itself is well developed, especially in the infrastructure, which is rather rare for such a park.


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A magical afternoon at Magic Park Verden


Not far from the city of Verden an der Aller is the Magic-Park and therefore the only place in the triangle of Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover where there was something new for me to ride. The park is a similar children’s paradise like the Rasti-Land, which is 40 km away from Hanover, but gives a much better impression, even if the number of attractions here is a bit smaller.

Magic Park Verden


Much of this park was bought second-hand and so it is not surprising that you sit in the former Seeschlange roller coaster of Hansa Park when riding the Familienachterbahn. Even if the train creeps a little over the hills, the ride within this family roller coaster with its four laps special is very entertaining. In direct comparison with the sister park in Hodenhagen this ride does a lot better.


A few meters aside the roller coaster is the log flume Wildwasserbahn of the Magic-Park, whose manufacturer is Big Country Motioneering Ltg. The track is very similar to an oval, only you have to pass some small curves before the chain lift. The first and only drop is very convincing and the degree of wetness is high.


You can feel just like in the Dutch amusement park Efteling when you follow the fairytale trail. On the edge of the path you will find a total of six elaborately designed scenes that are brought to life by numerous animatronics. The individual fairy tales are also very well presented, even if I didn’t know the fairy tale about the flower miracle until now.


Past the ship swing Schiffschaukel, which you can operate yourself, we now go to the large playground part of the amusement park, where you can find some interesting play equipment, a vintage car ride and the Drachenbahn (a small monorail) from Metallbau Emmeln. Normally, every child should be able to use up his or her remaining energy in this part of the park.

Pictures Magic Park Verden

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Closing Words

For the roller coaster fans among us it is recommended to visit the park from 15:30 p.m., because then the entrance fee is only 10€ or nothing at all if there is nobody in the cash area. Also one could serve free drinks at the right moment, as at some snack stands there was nobody to be found. As I am honest I waited of course. Unfortunately many small amusement parks seem to want to do without money.


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