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Theme Park:Bayern Park (since 1991)
Vilstaler Wildpark (1985 - 1991)
94419 Reisbach
Operated by:Bayern-Park Freizeitparadies GmbH

Bayern Park in the small village of Reisbach is one of the most beautiful amusement parks in Germany. Numerous roller coasters, water rides and carousels make for an unforgettable family day out.

For the youngest guests, there is a specially designed toddler tour, with plenty of quieter rides waiting for the kids. But even those looking for an adrenaline kick will quickly find what they are looking for. In 2011, the “Freischütz” launch coaster opened its doors, a magnet-driven roller coaster that provides thrills with its special design and fast-paced track. Winner of several awards and voted one of the top 5 roller coasters in Germany, Freischütz offers an unforgettable experience. Voltrum, Southern Germany’s tallest free-fall tower, takes you high above the ground. With a total height of 109 metres and a free fall of 93 metres, this is a unique experience.

The lovingly designed grounds are not limited to fun and action: the green heart of Bayern-Park is located at the back of the park. Along the tranquil forest circuit, lined with sunny meadows and shady spots, the enclosures of numerous animals, the nature discovery trail or the birds of prey show invite you to linger and marvel.


The FirleFranz of Bayern-Park
About the Freischütz and other roller coasters



Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park




The large roller coaster with the super long train




The shuttle coaster with a twist




The opera launch coaster




A charming family coaster




A world-class drop tower




A very long and twisty rapids river


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