Traumland auf der Bärenhöhle

Theme Park:Traumland auf der Bärenhöhle
(since 1974)
Address:Auf der Bärenhöhle
72820 Sonnenbühl
Operated by:Freizeitpark Traumland GbR

The Traumland auf der Bärenhöhle is a small fairy tale and amusement park above, and thus on, the Bärenhöhle near Sonnenbühl in the middle of the Swabian Alb near the capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart. It rounds off the offer around the Karls- and Bärenhöhle, which with 80.000 visitors per year is one of the most visited show caves in Germany.

In addition to the lovely fairytale pavilions right at the beginning of the circuit, the park offers a nice selection of family-friendly rides, so that a visit is really worthwhile, especially for families with small children.

Fun Fact: The Traumland auf der Bärenhöhle focuses on regionality like hardly any other amusement park. For example, sausages come from a nearby butcher one village further and not from the wholesale trade.


Highlights of the Theme Park



Fairytale Forest

A great place




The small family roller coaster



Verrücktes Waldhaus

A beautiful witch’s swing


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