Monte Coaster (2015)

On the outskirts of the town of Hirschau is Monte Kaolino, a 120m high dump of kaolin-containing quartz sand, which was created from kaolin mining nearby. On the southern slope of the slag heap there has been a recreational area since the 1950s, which today offers a camping site, a swimming pool, a sand ski slope, the Alpine Coaster Monte Coaster and numerous smaller attractions.

When talking about the first drop par excellence on a roller coaster, the first descent of the Expedition GeForce from the Holiday Park certainly and relatively spontaneously comes to mind, but if you think of an extraordinary drop on an Alpine Coaster, you can hardly talk about the right drop at the beginning of most rides, unless you know the Monte Coaster.

Hardly climbed up the steep slope it goes directly down the steep curve and into some jumps. Under the now existing maximum speed we immediately go into the following helix and after some detours into the small forest. The ride is a bit more leisurely now, but the jumps don’t stop and after a few meters of distance there is another steep turn, similar to the first downhill of this ride. With a clearly existing gradient, the ride continues at full throttle to the end of the ride, which is crowned with a jump, where you have to brake, but don’t want to.

The Monte Coaster is without a question brilliant, but unfortunately it gets the short end of the stick compared to some of the larger rides like the Hasenhorn Coaster or the Trapper Slider from the German theme park Fort Fun Abenteuerland. The only thing missing here are some meters of track, because the rest, which the sand built exotic among the Alpine Coasters delivers, is first class and definitely worth a visit.


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