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Theme Park:Plopsa Coo (since 2006)
TéléCoo (1976 - 2006)
Address:Coo 4
4970 Stavelot
Operated by:Studio 100

Vicky The Ride • Gerstlauer Spinning CoasterPlopsa Coo right next to the water falls of Coo in Stavelot nearby Liège is a rather small Belgian theme park. The park was founded in 1976 as Télécoo and is currently being operated by the amusement park division Plopsa of the Belgian television corporation Studio 100. The park features an interesting line-up of roller coasters, amusement rides and even a ludge going down the mountain.


Highlights of the Theme Park




The coaster from Plopsa Coo



Maya Splash

A damp and merry treat



Vicky the Ride

A compact and exceedingly wild spinning coaster


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