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Theme Park:Sea World San Antonio (since 1988)
Address:10500 Sea World Dr.
78251 San Antonio
Operated by:United Parks & Resorts

SeaWorld San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas is the youngest of the American SeaWorld Parks. The park was founded in 1988 and is famous for its marine animal shows. On an area of 100 hectares, the animal and leisure park offers a manageable number of rides and other attractions.


Highlights of the Sea Mammal Amusement Park



Great White

The first inverted coaster in Texas



Journey to Atlantis

The only Mack Rides SuperSplash without a bump



Rio Loco

A very wet pleasure



Steel Eel

Hyper Coaster made by Morgan



Super Grovers Box Car Derby

A solid family coaster



Wave Breaker – The Rescue Coaster

Very fun Family Launch Coaster from Intamin


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