The Tour

The amusement park fan scene in Germany usually has negative associations with French park visitors. Some of them connect their acquaintances from Europa Park extremely negligently with French people in general. You have to be a very big fool if you don’t know how to teach yourself and an even bigger one if you simply don’t believe someone who has already lived in France for some time. Because let’s not kid ourselves, French people behave like everyone else abroad: they are tourists.

With this premise in mind, accompany me on a road trip through the country of many family theme parks. On this trip we will take a look at the most brilliant family entertainment far away from Disney, a bloody huge zoo, as well as the biggest funfair in the country – the Foire du Trône. It is precisely this event, coupled with the French filler word hon-hon-hon, or ron-ron-ron, or even tron-tron-tron, that gives this tour its name.

The starting point of the road trip is the ferry port of Newhaven in England, where I boarded the ferry to Dieppe on the Saturday before Easter at about 11 pm. Around four o’clock in the morning and completely overtired I took the motorway in France and faster than originally thought I headed south to one of the rest stops. Now you can ask yourself what the fool was doing in France so early – after all, hardly any amusement parks were open at this time of year – but I had been planning to visit my host family in beautiful Aquitaine for a long time, and thanks to this I was able to arrive in Bergerac sometime in the afternoon. In retrospect, it doesn’t surprise me at all why almost all ferry guests have somehow created berths on the ship. A little longer Powernap later I went back on the route, but from then on I had a little problem, a flat tyre… A novelty for me, as my tyres had reached the end of their running time anyway, it was a rather small problem.

I spent the following six days in the Dordogne. With enough wine and a really tasty cognac in my luggage, the second part of the round trip through France started on the following Saturday and with it the actual roller coaster trip back to the ferry port Dieppe.







Timber! • Gravity Group Wooden Coaster • Walibi Rhône-Alpes


[Day 1] Walibi Rhône-Alpes, Kyriad Villefranche sur Saone


Yukon Quad • Intamin Family Launch Coaster • Le Pal


[Day 2] Le Pal, Kyriad Montchanin Le Creusot



[Day 3] Parc des Combes, Gîte Chez Jo



[Day 4] Nigloland



[Day 5 – 8] Parc Astérix, Première Classe Torcy Marne la Vallée, Foire du Trône, Première Classe Caen Nord – Mémorial



[Day 9] Festyland, Parc du Bocasse


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