How to memorise the route between Nagoya and Kuwana

Early in the morning, at 6:36 to be precise, we left the Daiwa Roynet Hotel in Osaka Kitahama to be at Nagashima Spa Land in time for the park opening. We first took the underground to Shin-Osaka and from there the Shinkansen to Nagoya. Since we didn’t know if the park had large lockers, we stowed ours in a locker right at the station. We then took the JR to Kuwana and from there the shuttle bus directly to the side entrance of the theme park, where there are indeed enough large lockers in the immediate vicinity.

In the evening, this game was repeated in the opposite direction. After taking our luggage back to us, we travelled the same route a third time, but this time a little further, to Yokkaichi station. Back when I booked the Toei Hotel in Yokkaichi, I always assumed the larger Kintetsu private railway station, as much of the original itinerary started from there. But now we arrived at the JR station, which was again a good 1.2 km from said station. Good thing the suitcases all have wheels by now, so we rattled off the way to the hotel.

Once there, we quickly checked in and once again got enough supplies for the next day at a nearby 7-Eleven. The Toei Hotel itself had a somewhat dated interior, but it was the most Japanese of the business hotels we visited. The room was unexpectedly large and offered a typical Japanese bathroom. Breakfast, which we had only on the second day of our stay, was served in the neighbouring, very quaint pub. All in all, a thoroughly recommendable, reasonably priced hotel.

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