The Amish are coming, save yourselves who can!

After my second visiting day in Silver Dollar City I had a longer car ride on the agenda, because the next day I was supposed to go to the amusement park Kings Island, which is about 600 miles away. To have as much time as possible in Silver Dollar City I planned a stop in Greenville, Illinois near St. Louis. It was kind of bitter to drive past the closed Six Flags Over Mid America, but I’ll get there eventually.

In the first draft of the tour, this trip wasn’t even planned, because I could have flown back to Akron, Ohio via Kansas City with a stop-over in Chicago and visited the theme parks Worlds of Fun and Six Flags Great America. Since I didn’t know if 40 minutes was enough time to change planes in Akron to avoid jeopardizing my flight back to Europe, I decided to take the safer option and drove the remaining 800 miles to Akron by car instead.

Once I arrived in Greenville I checked into the Super 8 Greenville, where I came into contact with Amish for the first time and it was not a positive one. I would have loved to pick on the Pennsylvania German speaking Americans, because they were above all: rude and loud! How one can behave so badly in our civilization remains a mystery to me, but they stole a good deal of my sleep. Luckily they had left early the next morning, so I would not have had to bother with them at breakfast. If I should meet some Amish again sometime, I will probably change the hotel – at least this is easier than having to bother with the hicks. Probably it will be another Super 8, because that was actually pretty good.

After a short trip to Greenville I had to use Domino’s in search of something edible. The pizza chain is known to differ significantly from its counterpart in Germany, so I was not averse to order a pizza here. In the end, it became a kind of Margherita, as I probably ordered a pizza without topping by mistake, but it was very good.

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