My failure on Galveston Island

I left SeaWorld San Antonio after seeing their One Ocean show, so that I could visit the not so historic Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier. I should have informed myself about the opening times before I left the park, as the Pleasure Pier was already closed when I arrived in Galveston. Even if the park would have been opened, I would not have the chance to ride their Iron Shark roller coaster, as the weather on the Gulf of Mexico was quite stormy. Despite that, I would have even avoided a very stupid and viscous traffic jam on my way from San Antonio to Houston, if I stayed at SeaWorld for longer.

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Beach

Having absolutely failed, I really enjoyed my stay at the Country Inn and Suites Galveston Beach. That was a very nice hotel, even though the breakfast was as bad as every other hotel/motel I have visited on my tour.

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